Everyone's involvement helps everyone's child 
We all lead busy lives and your time is precious. But what's more valuable than putting a little time aside to help all kids get the most out of their school? 
Queensway is where their friends are. It's where they feel they belong. After home, it's the place they feel most comfortable and happy. 
By giving a little of your time to Queensway Association, you can help show them the value of working together to make things better for everyone.  
What does Queensway Association do? 
Money to pay for all the things the school wants to do for the kids is scarce. Now that we are an academy within Plymouth CAST the funds come directly from EFA to CAST, who then distribute it to the schools. This money seems to buy less and less each year. That's the world we live in. 
But we try to help as best we can by raising funds in every way we know how. 
For example, we hold yearly events such as our Summer and Christmas Fairs, Coffee Mornings and Cake Sales, Mothers' and Fathers' Day 'Buy a Gift' and more. 
Do you have any ideas? They'd be more than welcome. And remember we're not just here to raise funds: we're looking for new and exciting ways to bring the entire school community closer, both socially and educationally.  
The more we can get together, get talking and get ideas off the ground, the more our kids benefit. 
How has Queensway Association helped the school? 
Recently, thanks to fundraising efforts of parents just like you, Association members have raised money to install drame lights for the school. We've also provided additional staging to allow better viewing of our school productions.  
Also, just in time for the Summer Fayre, two gazebos and a PA system were purchased which will serve the school for years to come. 
Our new project is to purchase outside play equipment for the field. As you can imagine, this will not be cheap, so any help with events or financially will be greatly appreciated. 
Every minute of your time, and every penny you can help raise, has a purpose and a value. 
So how can you get involved? 
As a parent, you're automatically a member of the Queensway Association. All you have to do is come along and say hello. 
As with any Association serious about its purpose, we hold elections each year for the posts of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and members of the committee.  
But everyone's help is equally as valuable. We want to hear every suggestion and idea; nothing is off the table. The school is a small one, but it goes without saying that its importance to our kids' development is huge. Its size also means you have more chance to get your ideas heard. Please come and play your part. 
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