The School Council is made up of 12 children: two from each of six classes in the school. Each member of the council signs a charter which sets out their duties. 
The council meets at least twice a term to discuss issues relating to their part in school life. Issues recently discussed have been: playground equipment; school uniform; different playground activities; the running of a healthy tuck shop for KS2 children: deciding what charities to support. 
Agenda items are collected by the secretary of the council and presented to the Head Teacher. 
There is a School Council Ideas Box located outside the school hall where the children can offer ideas. 
We hope this forum allows the children to feel a part of the school and that their views are valued. 
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Class 2 -  
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Class 5 -  
Class 6 -  
The councillors from Class 6 are secretaries. 
Over the next few weeks the council will be seeking suggestions of charities that the school could support. Please discuss this with your child and make a response when a letter is published to you.